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Your raw produce is brought together at our company according to your preparation method. Depending on the desired processing, it goes through a certain routing on our RVS production line.
Both packaging removal and pouring are performed manually. Docomar has consciously chosen this process for sensory monitoring of the product. Through sight, smell and taste, this immediately gives us a first impression of your raw produce. Large batches of bagged goods are mechanically cut.

For a look at the various process options at Docomar, we invite you to choose from the services below.


With dedication and lots of experience, we ensure that your raw produce is reduced to the desired fineness.


Docomar has various mixers, both horizontal and vertical, with a content of 4 to 20 m3.


Docomar can guarantee delivery of a fine product.


We can package your materials in standard 3-sided 20 or 25 kg white paper sacks.


Docomar has a total storage capacity of 50,000 tonnes for packaged materials such as bigbags and bagged goods on 60,000m2. 400 tonnes of silo space are also available.


The necessary transport documents from or for your transporter are checked or prepared based on your data.