We can package your materials in standard 3-sided 20 or 25 kg white paper sacks.

Would you like your product to be distinguishable when it’s marketed? Docomar can package directly into your own paper sacks and with your own labels.

The pallets have a bottom and top sheet and are wrapped in foil. A supplement with pallet label is no problem.

At both locations, Docomar has an array of silos with a content of 65 m³ to 100 m³. You can also choose delivery in silo pneumatic van.

Aside from bagged goods, there is also the possibility to fill in bigbags. The filling station has weighing cells and indicators. You indicate the weight you wish us to fill! Of course, the bigbags are labelled with the data you provide.

Please feel free to let us know if you have your own ideas or obligations for packaging: for example, we can seal and prepare your oversees export batches on HT or plastic pallets, wrapped in net foil and provided with drybags.