Feed safety has high priority at Docomar BV.
After all, we’re at the start of the food chain.


To demonstrate that we not say but also do, both production sites are individually GMP+FSA certified. We hereby comply with the legal requirements and sector-specific conditions according to standard B1, which guarantees the safety and quality of the feed products and feed services.

Because we are active in the animal feed chain, we should be registered with the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority, supervisor of the Ministry of Agricultre, Nature and Food Quality:

We are registeredbwith the NVWA according to VO.183/2005 with regard to the feed hygiëne requirements, and according to VO. No 1069/2009 on health rules änimal by-products not intended for human consumption”.

The general terms conditions of Docomar B.V., which are filed at the Chamber of Commerce under number: 30180526, can be found by clicking on the button below.